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Cost of building an app for your business in 2022.?


Jan 7, 2023
app for your business

fruition . Estimating the application cost can help you optimize your budget for the development process. Let’s say you are buying a car and the cost of buying a car is highly dependent on what items you want.

The same goes for the app development cost when it comes to building an app in a cost effective way. The cost of developing an app depends on the features and other factors you want to add to your app. You may be wondering about the exact cost of an application development project. If so, look no further! In this article, we will discuss the details to optimize the app cost to estimate the app development price. Let’s start:?

How much does app development cost?

Questions about app development budget are common when considering building an app. “How much does it cost to develop an app” is the most common question you might ask yourself when considering building an app in 2022. The answer to the question is that the cost of building an app depends on the features you you add to the application. Additionally, there are other options for estimating the cost of the app development process . The authentic way to get a cost estimate for an app development budget is to contact an app developer from a top notch app development company.

Additionally, you can use a budget calculator to estimate the cost of the app development process. For example, you can ask an application development company to estimate the cost required for developing custom applications without documentation. But, when you want to answer your question about the cost of app development with the calculator, you need to include several app development services and time. The services and time required to estimate the cost of the application development process are as follows:

Execution of security standards in an application to meet HIPAA or GDPR security standards

Number of developers in a development team.A little research of data.To get an idea of ​​the cost of developing a mobile app , you can check out surveys and statistics from major organizations. In recent years, mobile app development has gained popularity all over the world, and this hype is a prime factor that helps determine the cost of mobile app development. According to one estimate, more than 7 million mobile apps are available on Android and iOS app stores.

These statistics give an idea of ​​the growth of apps and app development companies. In this article, we will unveil the surveys and studies on the cost of mobile app development by top organizations. Let’s start:


According to Statista , a German polling company, every month more than 100,000 Android apps are published on Google Play and more than 30,000 apps on Apple’s App Store. Free app development is leading the app development industry. Business owners choose the pricing strategy that is free or offers freemium. For example, free apps make up 92% of all apps on Apple Play Stores. The mobile application industry is growing every year, and the annual revenue in 2020 was $581.9 billion. If the app industry continues to grow, its revenue will reach nearly $1 trillion in the coming years.

According to App Development Market Research, the app development industry will grow by 18.4% in 2026 and continue to reach its full potential of $407.31 billion in the coming years.

According to Business of Apps, the cost of developing a simple and complex app can reach $30,000 and $40,000, respectively. Moreover, the survey indicated that the cost of creating a complex application can reach 70,000.

A Good Firms survey estimates the average cost of building an app. According to the survey, a business owner needs $100,000 to $185,000 to build an app with complex functionality like Uber.

Up City took a deep dive into estimating the app development budget for each phase. According to their survey report, you need up to $1,500 for the planning phase, $15,000 for the design phase, $5,000 to build features like push notifications, and $10,000 for application testing and maintenance.

According to a survey by e Marketer, 90% of people enjoy using apps on their phone. There will be a time when mobile device usage will be 4 hours a day, and people will spend 88% of that time on mobile apps.

According to a study by Statista, 66% of people enjoy downloading game apps from App Stores. Moreover, 95% of people like to download apps for messaging and communication.

Thus, the survey of search ads conducted by top companies indicates that app development companies will grow in the coming years. The average app development cost will depend on the type of app and its features.

Later in this article, we will reveal the main factors affecting application development costs.

Factors Affecting Costs

First, when you start building an app, you need to do a thorough business analysis to specify your target audience, competitors, and app development team. “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app” is your main concern when you start building an app. Additionally, you might be concerned about the features to determine mobile app development costs. Finally, you are concerned about hiring an app developer from one of the best app development companiesto reduce the cost of other services. So we have highlighted all your concerns about the cost of developing an application. First, we will present the main factors that determine the final cost of application development.

Application complexity is the biggest factor affecting the cost of an application development project. If you want to create a basic app with simple functionality, the app development will require less time and money. To specify the application development time, you need to clarify the scope of your future work. The level of complexity of building an app will increase with the addition of advanced features and integrations. Here we discuss the details of application complexity for estimating application development costs. Let’s start:

Application simple

A simple application is an application that requires simple features and functionality. Simple app has basic functionality with elegant app design. An example of a simple application is a calendar. Building an app with basic functionality does not require advanced features or platforms. Thus, the cost of developing an application with simple functionality is quite low.

Intermediate level application

Developing an app with some advanced features falls under the category of mid-level apps. Mid-tier apps have advanced features to offer. It is an application for your business that requires the integration of advanced APIs and more screens with custom AI . Thus, the cost of an app with some advanced features is higher than the cost of developing an app with simple features.

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A complex application has more advanced and complex features and cross-platform integration that requires real-time synchronization. The cost of creating an app with more advanced features is higher than all other types. An example of a complex application is a chatbot and video application used for real-time communication.

Apart from these factors, the complexity types of the applications also help in determining the budget of the application. Let’s reveal:

1. Simple application complexity

Simple app complexity provides basic functionality without data storage and does not support cross-platform. You might be wondering about the basic functionality that a simple app can have. We show you these basic features. Let’s take an overview:

The features mentioned above will determine the cost of software development. Examples of simple apps are a calculator, time tracker, and social apps.

2. Basic Application Complexity

Creating an aircraft always has a high cost. The reason is the difference in functionality. Likewise, adding more functionality to an application will increase the cost of developing the application. Building an application with database and API integration comes under the basic complexity of the application and has a high application development price. In these mobile apps, you need to add additional features which will increase the cost of building an app. The features of these mobile apps include:;

Moreover, these apps provide a robust framework for better usability and accessibility. These mobile applications require storage mechanisms for database and synchronization. To build such an app, you need to understand your target audience in order to estimate the app development cost. Thus, the greater complexity of the application will increase the cost of creating an application. Examples of very complex applications are food or taxi applications.

3. High application complexity

The cost of developing an application will increase with the addition of complex features. Complex applications include high-end applications for complex business operations. Most businesses need software development with custom features and cross-platform integrations. These high-end applications are ideal if you want to build a legacy system with high application development costs. When developing a complex application, the average cost of creating an application may exceed your expectations. Let’s see why the cost of these applications has increased:

Advanced data synchronization for multiple devices

Developing such a complex mobile app requires extensive planning and research for cost estimation. Also, application development costs are higher when adding a dashboard and database. The average cost of complex application projects will increase due to the high involvement of application developers.

The reason is that these applications require custom functionality and application developers invest a lot of time in writing custom code for custom software development. Thus, custom software development struggles to determine the cost estimate of the mobile application. Examples of complex applications are enterprise-level software, business, and game applications.

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