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Cursive Writing – The Finest Form of Handwriting


Feb 28, 2023
Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is one of the popular types of writing styles. According to this style, letters are joined together to bring a continuous flow to the words. It is widely considered a standard practice that helps individuals to improve their speed of writing. Children can save enough time by following such a writing style, and the time can be used effectively for exploring new resources and information. The method of writing in cursive can be considered an alternative to block letters. Instead of lifting the pen up between every letter, the method asks the individuals to follow a joined-up style of writing in which every letter is connected to one another.

You might have seen kids struggling to write letters like ‘p’, ‘q’ ‘, ‘b’, ‘d’, etc., when asked to write certain words. Have you ever thought about the reason for their struggles? Is it because of the lack of knowledge of the spellings of these words? No, not at all. The major reason is that while writing, these letters get mixed up and making them appear a bit tricky to understand. The introduction of cursive writing is the technique used by people to encounter this dilemma. It helps children to present each letter and word specifically and to improve the quality of their language. Cursive writing encourages individuals to maintain a flow and to keep pace; while writing, individuals are demanded to keep a higher level of concentration. Thus, day-to-day practice of cursive writing will favour them in enhancing their life skills.

Benefits of Cursive Writing

Have you ever wondered about the reasons why cursive writing worksheets are provided to children as a part of their early education? Children of ages around 7 to 8 are widely considered the perfect time for introducing the cursive writing style. There are numerous reasons why children are asked to write in cursive, and some of the major ones are listed below.

  • Cursive writing helps to improve the motor skills of children. As we all know, the style of writing changes exceptionally while writing in cursive. The method of cursive writing demands a very different skillset from other forms of writing. Children are demanded to follow certain patterns to maintain the accuracy of their writing while following cursive writing. Addition to, cursive writing activates the brain more than regular writing.
  • Practising cursive writing exercises on a daily basis will help them to boost hand-eye coordination. The process demands individuals to use hand muscles in different ways. Children have to concentrate more while writing in cursive, and it eventually helps them to improve their level of concentration as well.
  • Practising cursive writing offers a chance for children to comprehend the different forms of writing. Practising the exercises offers a chance for them to learn more types of styles and letters in the English alphabet and will prepare them to memorise them. It also offers a golden opportunity for them to trace the origin of letters and will be favoured for improving their print writing as well.
  • Following cursive writing will help children to improve the quality of their writing. It will help to provide a signature style to the individual and will make the writing appear impressive. Rather than the beauty, the content presented by writing in cursive will make the writing appear much more reader-friendly.
  • Once children can write in an impressive manner by maintaining the finest quality language, they will develop the self-confidence to express themselves before others. Improving self-confidence will favour them sharpen their communication skills as well.

We are all familiar with the famous idiom in the English language that ‘practice makes perfect,’ right? The only option available for us to improve the quality of cursive writing skills is through practice. People all around the world rely on writing worksheets and exercises to improve the quality of their writing. Apart from these worksheet exercises, people can practise writing English essays to enhance the beauty of their writing. The more they write, the more they improve their writing skills. For more kid-friendly resources, visit BYJU’S website.

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