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Study Schedule You Must Maintain During EPFO Exam Preparation


Apr 20, 2023
During EPFO Exam Preparation

All candidates for the next test will find the UPSC EPFO study plan and preparation advice to be extremely helpful. Numerous specialists tested and developed these suggestions. According to the best UPSC free coaching institutes, for improved exam outcomes, applicants should review the UPSC EPFO exam syllabus and pattern in addition to the advice provided here.

There will be a sizable number of applicants for the exam. In order to pass the exam, candidates must try to strengthen their preparation strategy. A recruitment test and interview make up the EPFO exam date 2023 exam selection procedure. To ensure that their name appears on the merit list, one should strive to receive the highest possible score on each test. Here are the top UPSC EPFO test preparation tips:

Table of Content:

Study Schedule You Must Maintain During EPFO Exam Preparation

UPSC EPFO Study Tips: General Tips

UPSC EPFO: Detailed Preparation Tips and Study Schedule

  1. Practice Previous Year’s Papers
  2. Read Frequently to Expand Your Knowledge and Sharpen Your Comprehension Skills
  3. Create & UPSC EPFO Revise Notes

How To Crack UPSC EPFO Exam?

Study Schedule, Strategies To Prepare For UPSC EPFO Exam


UPSC EPFO Study Tips: General Tips

  • Make a plan based on the objective: The applicants must organize their study methods with the overall objective in mind, i.e., finishing all of the topics on the UPSC EPFO curriculum and thoroughly reviewing them.
  • Keep the sources uncluttered: While studying for the exam, the candidates must refrain from consulting different sources. It is recommended that they limit their reference materials to one or two. Numerous sources can frequently become overpowering and cause misunderstanding among the applicants.
  • Create revision notes for yourself: It is crucial that applicants get their distilled notes ready for revision when studying the subjects. To ensure greater memory, they must only offer crucial information.
  • Recognize current events: Each day, the candidates should set aside at least a few hours to prepare for and review the current events part.
  • Solving Exam Papers from Earlier Years: By completing the previous years’ question papers in a timed, exam-like manner, one may best evaluate their preparations and gain an understanding of the question structure.

UPSC EPFO: Detailed Preparation Tips and Study Schedule

1.     Practice Previous Year’s Papers

Make it a habit to practice the UPSC EPFO Previous Year Paper to increase your accuracy and speed. Work through old exams because there are a lot of duplicate questions.

Accuracy and a high exam score can be attained with consistent practice. Candidates can improve their accuracy, time management skills, and other skills by downloading the PDF file of the UPSC EPFO Previous Year Paper and its Answer Keys.

2.     Read Frequently to Expand Your Knowledge and Sharpen Your Comprehension Skills

In order to maintain your general awareness up to date, it is advised to read publications and newspapers and watch news channels. Reading the news is an excellent alternative, but reading only the bare facts of what happens every day won’t be enough to improve your reading abilities.

Therefore, it is preferable to read feature stories, editorial opinion pieces, business periodicals, etc., since these might hasten the development of your reading and comprehension skills.

3.     Create & UPSC EPFO Revise Notes

Make notes and mind maps to help you retain facts instead of learning them by heart, and review them often. Take a notebook with you so you may make notes on crucial details for all the subjects and hot topics.

Remembering significant facts, dates, and news regarding significant issues requires revision. You won’t gain much from just one reading. By reviewing them regularly, you need to commit these ideas to memory.

How To Crack UPSC EPFO Exam?

There are a few straightforward strategies for passing the UPSC EPFO Exam. Read the internet resources that are available. You will benefit greatly by reading news reports, blogs, and articles on a daily basis.

Make sure you have a strategy in place for putting your knowledge to good use. Create a timetable that includes daily, weekly, and monthly objectives for completing the course material and managing your time. Keep your focus on one source, we would advise.

Examine the past exam questions and continue to answer them as you prepare for the UPSC EPFO exam. Divide the syllabus into two portions to start. Make a list of your strong and weak points in a similar manner. This is a straightforward method of time management.

Study Schedule, Strategies To Prepare For UPSC EPFO Exam 

  • There will be a general strategy for every competitive exam. Examining the previous year’s exam papers for the UPSC EPFO recruitment 2023 exam date is standard procedure. Your ability to comprehend questions and effectively answer them will increase.
  • A practice exam will help you become more confident while answering questions and will show you how much time each question will take.
  • Your confidence when taking the final exam might be increased by regularly taking mock exams.
  • At the start of the studying process, it is advised to take the mock test once a month and then one or more times per week after that. It gives a general overview of the preparation phase and helps to strengthen many different areas.
  • For daily revision, keeping a notepad is vital. Make a list of the key ideas from each subject so you can refer to it later.
  • Your journal or notes ought to make sense. As a result, you can scan and skim all of the pertinent material before the exam.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about the EPFO exam and how to outline a powerful schedule that helps you ace the preparation. It takes a solid study plan to pass the UPSC EPFO 2023 exam on your first try. Candidates who want to pass the UPSC EPFO recruitment test (RT) should review the comprehensive study guides and techniques. There are a total of 577 openings for the UPSC EPFO test. Make sure to set an effective study schedule that streamlines your preparation in the best possible manner.


1. How difficult is UPSC EPFO?

A: Each section of the UPSC EPFO has a different level of difficulty. However, it can be said that the exam is generally considered to be of moderate difficulty.

2. How long should I spend studying for the UPSC EPFO exam?

A: Six months should be ample time for applicants to adequately prepare for the UPSC EPFO if they are consistent and attentive in their efforts. To give them more time to review and complete practice questions before the test, it is advisable to get started as soon as feasible.

3. How many UPSC EPFO attempts are there?

A: As long as the candidates meet the age requirements, there is no restriction on the number of attempts in the UPSC EPFO test. Within the age range, they may take the exam as many times as they choose.

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