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Why Dissertation Results Section Is the Most Important Part


Mar 24, 2023
Dissertation Results Section

It is one of the most essential academic jobs, and finishing it successfully calls for a significant investment of both time and effort. The outcomes portion of a dissertation is the most essential and substantial element of the entire document, which is separated into many sections. In the following paragraphs, we will explore the significance of the findings part of your dissertation as well as the role that it plays in ensuring that you receive a high mark for your work.


The introduction is the first part of a dissertation and it provides an overview of the dissertation topic, the purpose of the research, and the methodology used. It should also include a brief summary of the key findings and the conclusions.


It should explain the research context, the research question, and the theories and concepts that are relevant to the study.


This section describes the research methods and techniques used to collect and analyse data. It should also explain the research design, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques.


This is the most important part of the dissertation as it presents the findings of the research. It should include a summary of the data collected and the results of the data analysis.

What exactly is included in the Results Section?

In the section of the dissertation titled “Results,” you will provide the findings that emerged from your investigation and evaluation of the data. Since it is the most significant component of the dissertation, it is typically put after the sections on the methodology and the review of the relevant literature. In this section, you will need to provide the information and data that you have gathered and analysed during the process of doing the study. It is essential to make certain that the part containing the findings is succinct and precise.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Section Devoted to the Results?

The section on the findings or the outcomes is the most significant element of a dissertation.

The following is a list of some of the reasons why:

  1. It Shows Why the Study Is Vital to Know The importance of the findings section stems from the fact that it illustrates why the research is important to know. It is the place where you offer the material and data that you have collected and analysed during the process of doing the study. This demonstrates to the audience that the study was carried out appropriately, and that the findings can be relied upon.
  2. It Gives You Evidence to Support Your Concluding Statements The section on the outcomes is where you give the evidence to support your concluding statements. The significance of this evidence lies in the fact that it facilitates the readers’ comprehension of the inferences that you have reached based on the study.
  3. It Contributes to the Clarification of the Findings The findings portion of the dissertation also contributes to the clarification of the findings. It makes the study and the conclusions that have been acquired plain to the readers and gives them with a comprehension of the research.
  4. It Facilitates an Easier Debate The portion of the dissertation devoted to the findings facilitates a more fruitful discussion. The findings of the research and its interpretation are presented in a way that is easily understood by the audience.
  5. It Contributes to the Improvement of the Overall Quality of the Dissertation The results section is essential because it contributes to the improvement of the overall quality of the dissertation. It guarantees that the findings of the research and analysis will be presented in a manner that is both accurate and succinct. The dissertation will benefit from this in that it will become more thorough and of a higher quality.
  6. It Makes Writing Simpler: The results part is also essential because it makes writing easier. This is the sixth and last reason why the section is essential. It contributes to making the process of writing go more smoothly and effectively overall.
  7. It Makes the Dissertation Easier to Read The results section is an important part of the dissertation because it makes the dissertation easier to read.
  8. It Helps to Achieve High Marks The results part is also significant since it helps to get good grades, and it is one of the reasons why this area is so important. It is the most crucial component of the dissertation, and it has the potential to make a significant impact on the grade that you receive.


The discussion section interprets the results and provides an analysis of the findings in relation to the research question. It should also provide an explanation of the implications of the findings and how they relate to the literature review.


The conclusion summarises the main findings of the dissertation, presents the implications of the research, and makes recommendations for future research.


This section provides a list of references used in the dissertation.


This section contains any additional material that is relevant to the research, such as charts, tables, and graphs.


The most significant component of the dissertation is the section devoted to the findings. It is the place where you offer the material and data that you have collected and analysed during the process of doing the study.

It is essential to make certain that the part containing the findings is succinct and precise.

Because it demonstrates the relevance of the research, offers evidence to support your conclusions, contributes to the clarification of the findings, makes it simpler to have a discussion about them, improves the overall quality of the dissertation, makes it simpler to write, makes it easier to read, and assists in achieving good grades, the results section is an essential component of a dissertation.

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