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Learn a language online VS in immersion


Jan 7, 2023
Learn a language

Back to school is approaching for children and with it, good resolutions for adults! While school bags will soon be filled with new notebooks, pens, binders, etc. we will also have to meet new challenges, even to make a new start for September. In order to progress in our career or simply because we experienced some shortcomings, even some disappointments, in English during these summer holidays, it is now time to get serious about it. To your notebooks and let’s speak English  !

English, an essential tool for your career

English is the language par excellence of tourism, international relations, business and television series. As we know, nowadays those who cannot speak or understand English are more cut off from the various realities of our society.

Whether for your studies or for your career, your level of English must be the best possible. This language has become essential and is often the minimum required in a job offer. More and more, companies are looking for open-minded people, with a good spirit of initiative and speaking two or three languages ​​– including French.

Unfortunately, France is not renowned for English proficiency. Due to the context of recent years, it has even moved to 31st place in the annual ranking of countries according to their level of English (EF EPI 2021 ranking).

To move to the next level in English , the 2 types of learning that are most widely proven are immersion and online training.

Going abroad thanks to the Erasmus+ program

The best way to improve in English is to speak it every day. The most effective method is therefore to go into immersion. Students will thus prefer to go on Erasmus to make progress without “losing time” in their course. By leaving with this program, you continue your studies, obtain your credits and arrive at your diploma without interrupting your studies.

The benefits of a stay abroad are multiple and truly develop your “soft skills”: open-mindedness, curiosity, flexibility, adaptability, etc. You leave your comfort zone and go live an exceptional adventure for a semester or a year . You meet students from all over the world – the Erasmus program is no longer reserved for Europe – you make international friends and discover the country in which you live. You even end up knowing the good plans and haunts unknown to tourists!

The disadvantages of the Erasmus program

The Erasmus+ program (improved version of the Erasmus programme) is aimed at a wide range of individuals: children over the age of 10, students, teachers, trainers and vocational training apprentices. So it’s not just for university students . Since there are many volunteers at the start, and places for certain destinations are limited, your university will not necessarily let you leave for X or Y reasons.

You will also not be able to leave at any time of the year, you will have to adapt to the Erasmus program that concerns you .

Depending on your situation, you may be confronted with the fact that you have to “leave everything” to go abroad. Preparing for it is important, especially from a logistical and psychological point of view.

Another potential downside is that you will, in most cases, need to take a language test  to complete your registration package. This is why a refresher course, in a language course or by taking English lessons before applying, is sometimes necessary.

Learn English online, advantages not to be overlooked

Not everyone can go abroad to experience total immersion. Aware of the issues around their level in English, more and more people decide to take English courses to improve their language skills.

The variety of online courses

It’s a well-known fact: the wide range of courses available on the web is difficult to find face-to-face. For example, if you don’t live in a big city, you may have trouble finding the class, teacher, day, and time that works best for you .

In addition, traditional schools or training centers very often offer classic English courses where a class receives one teacher for every 20 students. It will be very difficult for the teacher to adapt to each person individually and to be completely dedicated to your learning .

The adaptability of online courses

Online applications also offer great adaptability. With an app, you decide which teacher (native or bilingual) best suits your needs and goals. You don’t have the feeling? Change teachers without qualms!

In addition, be aware that many online platforms offer the option of choosing a 1 to 1 course or group sessions with other students. You can exchange orally all together and put into practice what you have learned during your private lesson. Individual lessons or group lessons: you choose!

The flexibility of online courses

If you decide to take your language course online, the element of flexibility is guaranteed. You decide to train in the comfort of your home or office.

Also, you won’t have any time constraint. Current technologies allow you to take lessons at any time of the day or night, by connecting you with native speakers located in different time zones from yours. All you need to learn English online is an internet connection, a device you can connect to, and headphones. In short, an online course fits perfectly into your personal and professional life .

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