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The 10 best places to take English lessons online


Jan 7, 2023
English lessons online

Technology has forever changed the way we learn languages. The days of having to walk into a classroom are over; now, English courses or any other language are available online, within everyone’s reach.

Learners have countless tools and resources to learn to speak English fluently very quickly . A new digital world is opening up to you. Don’t hesitate any longer: taking English lessons online will change your life!

The 10 best sites to learn English online

The choice of online English courses is so vast that it’s easy to get lost! That’s why it’s important to think about your preferred learning style to find the site that’s right for you. Starting on a platform that is not suitable for what you are looking for can waste your time, energy and money.

We’ve put together a list of top-rated sites that offer distance learning English lessons. You just have to make your choice!

1. Preply

Preply helps you learn languages ​​through online English lessons with a teacher . To make the most of each lesson, your teacher will prepare a tailor-made learning program adapted to your level of English , your schedule and your needs.

Preply UK – homepage

Not only will you be able to interact directly with your teacher, but you will be able to practice speaking English from the very first lesson. Instead of making you memorize words you’ll never use, your English teacher will help you improve the skills you need most. You will also have access to a whole series of practical exercises developed by Preply experts.

2. Udemy

If learning is one of your favorite hobbies, Udemy is for you. This site includes over 100,000 courses on almost every subject, including written and spoken English.

Free or inexpensive, Udemy courses consist of videos, quizzes and assessment tests so that you can learn English at your own pace. There are short courses of 5 hours, and others of 100 hours. If you’re self-taught, you’ll find English lessons to suit you on Udemy.

However, keep in mind that you will not be able to practice speaking. For best results, consider combining Udemy with regular conversation practice or private English lessons .

3. Coursera

Whether your English level is advanced or you’re new to the language, Coursera will help you build the skills you need. Learn English 100% online with pre-recorded lessons, quizzes and exercises that you can complete as you go. The forum will also be useful for you to receive feedback on your progress.

One of the main advantages of Coursera is that its programs have been designed by credible universities, institutions and companies, and you will learn from the best . You will also be able to see how many users have started a new career, or been promoted or increased after completing a certain training. That says a lot about the value of online courses: they can literally set your life on a new course!

4. I Speak Spoke Spoken

Behind the site there is Adrien, a motivated teacher with a degree in foreign languages ​​who has decided to launch a language learning site. Today, this English teacher has nearly 10,000 students in his community and more than 250,000 people of all levels come to learn English on his site.

Among the various sites for practicing English , I speak spoke spoken has its own approach to English lessons. Adrien sees language as a practical communication tool, far from academic courses. The emphasis is on pronunciation and phonetics,

5. English course Club

More than 300,000 people follow online courses on the Anglaiscours Club site, a site launched by several teachers and authors who wanted to help students who want to learn English to progress quickly . The idea was to offer simple courses, easy to learn, and in a friendly atmosphere . The courses offered on the site are suitable for all levels: easy courses for beginners, comprehension and vocabulary programs to go further, but also advanced level language courses.

Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX is a reliable educational platform. You will find university courses , designed and given by professors from the best universities.

The training is not free, but will be less expensive than traditional university courses. You can even get a diploma . The material used is pre-recorded so that you can go at your own pace, but you must complete the evaluations on time at the end of the training.

Launched in 2007, Alison is one of the world’s most comprehensive and popular learning platforms Offering more than 1,500 courses, it has helped more than 2 million students to boost their skills.

Wall Street English is a network of training centers where students can take private lessons while benefiting from the knowledge of qualified and competent teachers. But it is also an online English course site that emphasizes speaking by following the natural language learning method . The idea is to reproduce the learning process that we know as a child: listen and repeat, understand the sounds, then only then learn the grammar.

ABA English stands out from other educational sites with its unique approach to learning. The trainings are divided into 5 parts: film, oral expression, lessons, vocabulary and evaluations.

English or French sites for learning languages ​​are numerous, but Gymglish offers an original and effective method of learning English. The concept: microlearning, a training of 10-15 minutes a day that comes to you in the form of notifications, without disrupting your schedule. It is a method in its own right which can also complement private lessons by webcam to vary the learning methods.

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