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Our selection of the best distance learning English courses


Jan 7, 2023
learning English courses

At present, choosing to learn English online (or any other foreign language for that matter) seems obvious… but as always on the internet, you can find everything and you often waste time dissecting and testing tools that do not meet our expectations. So leave this laborious part to us, the Devenir Bilingue blog is here for that! Here is  our selection of online English course providers  whose sessions with experienced teachers will really help you progress, even if they are done remotely.

The criteria for our selection of distance learning courses

Before presenting the organizations we have chosen, here are some important details to fully understand their advantages over other distance language courses , given that there are hundreds of offers on this market.

We are talking here about companies whose teachers are an integral part of their teams, so they have every interest in recruiting the best teachers, training them and developing them over the long term. Unlike independent tutors offering their services on a teacher/student relationship platform, we see a double interest in it: the company ensures the quality of the courses carried out even if everything is done remotely, and it responsible for finding you a teacher, saving you a long search for the ideal teacher.

If you want other types of lessons, less expensive or without commitment over time, go to the end of this article for the rest of our file.

We are committed to making known the smaller players who are struggling to emerge among the giants who flood the market with their advertisements, but we are also committed to giving you an objective and precise view of all the online course offers . So we present to you both renowned organizations and promising startups.

We offer a wide enough range to meet all budgets and all ambitions, but we emphasize the specificities of each service provider in order to help you choose the one that will best meet your needs: native teachers or not. , various educational materials, e-learning modules available, etc. I promise you that the time spent reading this article will save you precious time if it prevents you from making a bad choice!

Which way to go to find an online English course?

The English term blended-learning refers to the intelligent association of e-learning training with lessons with a teacher. These training programs are very effective because the teachers motivate you to work regularly by giving you “homework” between lessons. And when the e-learning platform is well done, the exercises are quite fun and your progress is easy to follow.

Many companies have launched themselves in this buoyant niche, we have tested several of them and we provide you here with those that seem to us to be the most relevant at this stage.

Clic-Campus specializes in distance language training. Their teachers rely on the exercises and course materials of the 7-speaking platform, well designed and very complete for levels ranging from A1 to C2 . Their pedagogical coaches determine with you the program of your training and accompany you if you wish that it be financed by your CPF (possible up to 100% of the cost). You are monitored throughout your training until you reach the target level.

AYNI is a French start-up created in 2015, it offers training in English based on online educational materials allowing you to progress in parallel with your lessons with one of their coaches. A computer shows conversations in English during an aperitif by Zoom between AYNI studentsTheir attention focuses on the match between the coach and your expectations , in order to obtain enthusiasm and long-term commitment!

And to complete this dynamic, AYNI also offers supplements to your lessons in more relaxed formats.

Educastream was among the first French players to specialize in language teaching by videoconference. They now offer language training for adults, classroom English courses for schools as well as tutoring courses. Educastream has developed e-learning materials adapted to each type of student, and relies on a network of more than 400 native teachers , recruited according to very specific criteria, trained in their method and coached by the HR team.

Babbel Live , these are the courses that go with the Babbel application that you certainly know. The principle is different from the usual language courses, it encourages you to maximize your efforts with a subscription system giving you unlimited access for the duration of your choice (decreasing prices according to the number of months). So you train with the lessons of the app and you practice the language in lessons in small groups (6 participants maximum). Learning is more regular, more varied and less expensive than a private tutoring program. Currently Babbel Live courses are available in English, Spanish, German and Italian. LEARN MORE » To find out more about how the app works, discover

Wall Street English , well known for its many centers in France, is one of the market leaders in English courses. Their training courses have of course evolved towards online and today, you choose a formula of 3 to 12 months, either entirely online, or to mix between online and a center near you . WSE has always favored the practice of speaking in its method, and although they are group lessons ,

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